Nov 18, 2013

Online Banking Security Updates

Bank of Luxemburg is making updates to ensure your online banking experience is even more secure.

Beginning in October, you will be prompted to confirm your personal contact information to ensure a secure online banking experience.

You will be asked to provide or verify the information below so we can immediately send you a verification code (also called one-time passcode).
  • Phone number (you can add more than one for automated voice or text message)
  • Email address (only one is allowed)

Following your one-time passcode, you will need to re-register your computer by marking it private or public based upon your personal security preference. Your online banking experience will also be enhanced for better usability.  A few things you will notice include:
  • Improved navigation on various screens
  • My profile link (formally user options) allows you to update your personal security settings.
  • A more secure way of resetting your password via the phone number(s) you have set up for verification code delivery.
  • Redesigned payment features within the eBill tab.
If you have any questions regarding your online account or Bank of Luxemburg services, please contact your local Bank of Luxemburg.


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