Apr 26, 2011

April is Community Banking Month

Bank of Luxemburg is one of nearly 7,000 community banks across the United States.  Community banks work to enhance the quality of life in their local marketplaces.  And the Independent Community Bankers of America wants to celebrate the positive characteristics of community banks this April.

Here are some of the benefits of using a community bank like Bank of Luxemburg:
  • Community banks focus on families, not large corporations.
  • We support local communities by channeling your deposits into loans for your neighbors and area businesses.
  • Community bank officers are on-site (not in a far-away city) and active in the local community.
  • Business loan decisions are made locally, so you don’t have to wait for committee choices in other states. 
  • Community banks are small businesses themselves and understand the needs of other small businesses.

Our eight Bank of Luxemburg branch locations will be celebrating all this month!
  • Children can enter a coloring contest at each branch.
  • Customers can enter a drawing for a coffee basket.
  • Watch our Facebook and Twitter pages for facts about community banks.
  • If we reach 300 fans on our Facebook page, we’ll randomly draw one fan’s name to win a Flip camera.

Watch this video to find out more benefits of banking locally with Bank of Luxemburg!

Apr 12, 2011

Teach Children to Save Day

April 12, 2011 is officially Teach Children to Save Day.  It was declared by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker this month.  Teaching children to save money may not be easy at first, but the lessons they learn now should stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Here are a few ideas to encourage children to save money:

  • Help children set goals for their savings -- whether it’s a buying a new toy or even paying for college.  You could also give them non-money rewards for reaching certain milestones. 

  • Provide an allowance or let children earn money for household or neighborhood tasks.  A small income will encourage kids to budget and manage money.

  • Encourage giving to charities, churches or other organizations your child has an interest in.  This will help them get in the habit of helping their communities.

  • Lead by example and explain your own savings and spending plans to your children.  You can tell them what you’re doing when you visit an ATM, pay for groceries and pay bills.

Bank of Luxemburg has a number of tools and ideas to encourage children to get in the habit of managing money.  Visit our Money Talks page for more tips and ideas.