Aug 20, 2012

The Benefits of Online Banking

Don’t let technology scare you. Technology can actually simplify your life when you learn to embrace it.

Online Banking
One of the greatest things technology has brought us is online banking. For all Bank of Luxemburg customers, online banking is absolutely free! And, it’s easier than you might realize!  Grab a computer, tablet, or smart phone and start reaping the benefits. You can…

1.  View your recent transactions
2.  Check your balance whenever, wherever you want
3.  Transfer funds
4.  View images of checks you’ve written
5.  Put a stop payment on checks written
6.  Send email messages to the bank with any questions
7.  Make your loan payment

We’re talking 24 hours a day/7 day a week access, too! (Even weekends & holidays!) The most exciting benefit of online banking for some people is the ability to pay bills online with Bank of Luxemburg’s bill pay services.

Bill Pay Services                       
Paying bills online is a huge time saver and also incredibly easy to set up with Bank of Luxemburg’s online banking system. You have many options and benefits when it comes to paying your bills…

1.  Make reoccurring monthly payments to anyone or any business
2.  Schedule a one-time-only payment to anyone or any business
3.  Schedule payments just for when you’re out of town
4.  View payment history and future scheduled payments
5.  Acquire virtually no late fees on bills
6.  Set up a reminder calendar
7.  Lessen your costs on paper checks and stamps

If you already have a Bank of Luxemburg checking and savings account (or have Premier Checking alone), you’re already eligible for FREE Bill Pay services. If you just want to test it out and have a different type of account than those listed above, good news! You get the first three months for free, and after that, it’s only $5 per month anyway (limited to ten transactions, with a fee of $35 after that).

Getting a paper statement in the mail is fine, but think about this…by the time the statement reaches your mailbox, you open it, and finally sit down to review it, many other transactions have probably occurred. (Also, think about all the paper that’s being used month after month.) Instead, think about signing up for eStatements which arrive as an email notification, and you are up-to-date instantly. Here are some other great benefits…
1.  eStatements are safe and secure.
2.  An email notifies you when your eStatement is ready.
3.  You simply log in through Bank of Luxemburg’s online banking section.
4.  You can view the last 18 months of account statements.
5.  How nice to view and balance your statement online 24/7?

And if you didn’t already guess, eStatements are absolutely FREE for Bank of Luxemburg customers!           

Technology is ever-changing, but it’s not always something you need to cover your head and run away from. For additional assistance with understanding the technological options available to you in banking, feel free to stop by any Bank of Luxemburg office with questions.

Bank of Luxemburg Chief Operations Officer Rebecca Edler demonstrates the ease of Online Banking.

Aug 16, 2012

Keep Your Online Accounts Safe

People are understandably frustrated upon learning that an online account has been hacked. The best way to avoid this problem is to get a strong handle on your own online security.  You can achieve this by following some simple guidelines:

1.  Establish Quality Usernames & Passwords
  • Use both upper and lowercase letters
  • Use digits and punctuation characters
  • Use at least eight characters
  • Do NOT choose passwords based on personal details
  • Do NOT share, write down, or store online
  • Change passwords regularly 

2.  Keep Your Computer Secure
  • Use Antivirus Software
  • Use Spyware
  • Use Spam Filters
  • Use Firewall Protection

3.  And…Don’t Forget
  • Install Updates To Your Computer When Available
  • Make Sure To Log Off, Rather Than Closing Windows
  • Monitor Online Accounts Regularly 

In a time and society where things are becoming “paperless,” people are becoming more and more reliant on their computers and online accounts in general. Whether you’re shopping, paying bills, or socializing online, you want to have everything private, safe, and secure. By following the steps outlined above, you’ve taken some major strides in ensuring your own online security.

For more information, speak to a banking professional at Bank of Luxemburg (920) 845-2345, with eight convenient locations from Green Bay to Algoma.  Learn more at Also, check out Bank of Luxemburg’s Chief Operating Officer, Rebecca Edler, discussing these same points on our YouTube channel.