Aug 16, 2012

Keep Your Online Accounts Safe

People are understandably frustrated upon learning that an online account has been hacked. The best way to avoid this problem is to get a strong handle on your own online security.  You can achieve this by following some simple guidelines:

1.  Establish Quality Usernames & Passwords
  • Use both upper and lowercase letters
  • Use digits and punctuation characters
  • Use at least eight characters
  • Do NOT choose passwords based on personal details
  • Do NOT share, write down, or store online
  • Change passwords regularly 

2.  Keep Your Computer Secure
  • Use Antivirus Software
  • Use Spyware
  • Use Spam Filters
  • Use Firewall Protection

3.  And…Don’t Forget
  • Install Updates To Your Computer When Available
  • Make Sure To Log Off, Rather Than Closing Windows
  • Monitor Online Accounts Regularly 

In a time and society where things are becoming “paperless,” people are becoming more and more reliant on their computers and online accounts in general. Whether you’re shopping, paying bills, or socializing online, you want to have everything private, safe, and secure. By following the steps outlined above, you’ve taken some major strides in ensuring your own online security.

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