Dec 1, 2010

Luxemburg Bancshares, Inc. Declares Dividend

Luxemburg Bancshares, Inc., parent company of Bank of Luxemburg, announced the approval of a semi-annual dividend of $.51 per share, payable on December 17, 2010, to shareholders of record as of December 6, 2010. The dividend is compared to a dividend of $.50 per share paid on December 18, 2009.

President John Slatky noted, “The increase reflects an improvement in earnings in 2010 and is an example of the solid financial position of Luxemburg Bancshares, Inc. and Bank of Luxemburg. While the Bank continues to contend with the challenging economy and the current real estate market, the Bank is profitable and expects to remain profitable.”

Oct 20, 2010

Scam Attempt in Northeast Wisconsin

Bank of Luxemburg is alerting customers to a scam in our area. Everyone must be conscientious about protecting financial information.

It appears customers are receiving mailed notices asking for personal information. The mailer says a “Current Homeowner’s Protection Policy” needs to be renewed. Customers are asked to fill out a “Homeowners Data Card” and send it to Oklahoma. Bank of Luxemburg will never ask for private or financial information in this manner. Officials are currently unaware of who’s behind the scam attempt, but the Bank is working diligently with local authorities to end it. To our knowledge, no customers have lost money due to this scam.

Aug 11, 2010

Bank of Luxemburg Cookout Serves Up Gift to Dyckesville Lions Club

Bank of Luxemburg’s Dyckesville branch hosted a neighborhood cookout to raise funds for the Dyckesville Lions Club. The cookout itself raised $630, and Bank of Luxemburg additionally donated $1,500.

The donation check, presented by Bank of Luxemburg employees, will be used for new lights on the Red River Park Ballfield. (Photos available upon request.)

The Dyckesville Lions Club promotes, celebrates, and helps the community by volunteering and often holding fundraising events throughout the year.

Jul 2, 2010

Get Richer: Start Building Your Wealth Today

Saving and investing are important ways to build wealth. Once the saving part is taken care of, people might be left wondering how to start the investment process.
Bank of Luxemburg has some helpful guidelines to follow:
1. Get Guidance
*Choosing a good investment requires guidance. Gather information from newspapers, magazines, and credible sources online. Seek advice from banks and other financial experts.
2. Take Advantage of Compound Interest
*Money grows quicker when investors are paid on previously earned interest as well as on the original deposit or investment.

Jun 25, 2010

Bank of Luxemburg Cookout Serves Up a Gift to Paul's Pantry

Bank of Luxemburg’s Bellevue branch hosted a neighborhood cookout in June to raise funds for Paul’s Pantry, a locally funded and supported food pantry in Green Bay. The cookout raised $643.75.

Craig Robbins, director of Paul’s Pantry, accepted the donation check from Bank of Luxemburg and brought a few Bank of Luxemburg employees including Rebecca Kiecker, Jessie Jorgenson, and Carl Castelic on a tour of the facility. Robbins was happy to see the support for community residents in general and the pantry program itself. Paul’s Pantry is locally funded and is among the largest food pantries in the country. Robbins noted that the summer tends to be a slow time for donations, so the funds
raised at the cookout will be especially helpful.

Paul’s Pantry is always looking for donations and volunteers to help maintain the success oftheprogram. BankofLuxemburghaslocationsinForestville,Algoma,Green Bay, Dyckesville, and Casco, Wisconsin, to serve all your banking needs and can be found online at for more information.