Mar 24, 2011

School of Super Saving Contest

Paying for higher education is a challenge, but the most inventive students usually find a way to pay!  Bank of Luxemburg wants to know how you're funding your college education.  Giving plasma?  Drawing caricatures?  Playing your musical instrument on the street corner?

We're awarding one person $750 for sharing his or her creative plan with us through a short essay or video.

Check out the details at and watch this video to learn more!

Mar 16, 2011

Debit Card Warnings

Bank of Luxemburg urges you to use your debit card -- but here are a few warnings:
  • When purchasing with a debit card online, never do business with a company that does not offer a physical address and phone number.  Remember, some phone numbers are fake, so check the number out by calling first.
  • Never give out debit card information if someone calls you and asks for it.  The bank will not call asking for your information.
  • Whether online or off, never pass debit card information to another person, especially through mail.  Not only can a third party find the golden opportunity to suck an account dry, taking all your hard-earned money -- but they can also be the headache of a lifetime if the account must be closed and reopened.
When in doubt, feel free to contact Bank of Luxemburg with any questions.

Mar 3, 2011

Saving for Emergencies with Bank of Luxemburg

It's a part of life -- unexpected expenses come up!  That's why it's important to save up for emergencies.  Creating a fund is as easy as automatically depositing some money from each paycheck.

Rebecca Edler explains how to get started in this video: