Mar 16, 2011

Debit Card Warnings

Bank of Luxemburg urges you to use your debit card -- but here are a few warnings:
  • When purchasing with a debit card online, never do business with a company that does not offer a physical address and phone number.  Remember, some phone numbers are fake, so check the number out by calling first.
  • Never give out debit card information if someone calls you and asks for it.  The bank will not call asking for your information.
  • Whether online or off, never pass debit card information to another person, especially through mail.  Not only can a third party find the golden opportunity to suck an account dry, taking all your hard-earned money -- but they can also be the headache of a lifetime if the account must be closed and reopened.
When in doubt, feel free to contact Bank of Luxemburg with any questions.

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