Dec 20, 2012

Raising Charitable Children

Among the many challenges parents face in raising children, instilling values ranks high on the list in importance. We all want our children to share our values (hard work, faith, generosity, etc.) and carry them on for future generations. One key value you can instill in your children is an appreciation for charitable giving.

Fostering an appreciation for charitable giving truly begins at home. Make it a family activity and model the behavior you want your children to emulate. When it comes to making monetary donations, show them how you select a charity, set realistic charitable giving goals and then make a schedule and adhere to it. Make them a part of the process and educate them about the impact your donations can make on an organization.

While making financial donations is important, don’t forget to discuss the many other different ways to contribute. Often giving your time and talent is equally important. Choose a location to volunteer as a family—a soup kitchen, community event or church activity, deliver meals to the homebound or help at the local animal shelter. The opportunities are limitless, as are the teachable moments.

Remember, it’s almost never too early to start sharing charitable activities with the next generation. Even at age three or four children can select a toy to give to a less fortunate child at the holidays, help clean out their closet and donate the outgrown clothing or be a part of your local acts of kindness—such as visiting an elderly neighbor or cooking for a sick friend. To get started, help your child open a savings account and teach them to save properly. Once they learn to save, they will have the funds available to also give.

If you want to bring up children who value charitable giving, make it a cornerstone value in your life and they will build upon it for a lifetime!

For more information, see Bank of Luxemburg Chief Operating Officer Rebecca Edler give tips for charitable giving on FOX 11's Living with Amy.


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