Jan 6, 2011

Tips for Financial Fitness

Are you trying to get financially fit in the new year?  Here are some ideas to get you started:

1) Establish a budget for yourself.

2) Determine what you need financially each month, and if necessary, cut out unnecessary expenses.

3) Choose the right credit card for your lifestyle, and use it sparingly and wisely.

4) Make sure you have a savings and checking account that also fit your lifestyle and are from a reputable banking establishment.

5) Don't be afraid to purchase "used" instead of "new," when looking at cars or other pricey items.

6) Entertain and eat on a budget.

7) Be cautious about sharing your financial information with others, while being aware of identity theft, financial scams, and fraud.

8) Save for upcoming purchases like computer,car, vacation.

9) Ask a trusted banker to help you through the financial process and learn how to be financially successful early in life to avoid problems later.

10) Pay down existing debt as quickly as possible.

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