Jan 20, 2009

County Launches Campaign to Strengthen Local Economy

To celebrate National Community Banking Month, the Bank of Luxemburg is trying to raise awareness about the importance of community banking.

“Banking within our community is so vital to our state’s economic success,” Bank of Luxemburg President, John Slatky said. “We know many of our customers personally, make lending decisions locally, and invest in local businesses.” Community banks have made significant contributions to the economic well-being of our state through financial support, dedication as good neighbors, and above all, as financially sound and reliable sources of community income.

Established in 1903, the Bank of Luxemburg is one of 280 community banks headquartered in Wisconsin. “We’re proud to say that the Bank of Luxemburg was here during The Great Depression. We’ve been here for previous recessions. We’ve seen ourselves through the ups and downs of the stock market. We’re a rock solid constant in this shaky economy and are committed to our community for the long term,” President John Slatky said.

In addition to simply trying to raise awareness about community banking, the Bank of Luxemburg, along with Chamber Businesses, will be hosting their annual “Easter Egg Hunt” Saturday, April 11th at the Luxemburg Community Center and Park complete with activities, treats, and prizes. Also, the Bank of Luxemburg will be holding an essay contest for Kewaunee County High School students with winners receiving scholarship money. Finally, Bank of Luxemburg branch locations will each hold their own prize drawings as well. Community banking is something to celebrate all year long, not just during Community Banking Month.

President John Slatky summed things up saying, “News about Wall Street banks capture headlines, but the untold story is that Main Street community banks continue to serve customers and our local economy daily. Together, we are the fabric of our communities.”


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