Aug 7, 2009

Bank of Luxemburg Pitches in for Back-to-School

“Back to School” took on new meaning for Bank of Luxemburg this year. As customers dropped by to make their weekly deposits or meet with banking officers, they were encouraged to bring “back-to-school” items into the bank during the month of July. Bank of Luxemburg employees were also encouraged to donate items and contributed cash on “Dress Down Day”—a day when employees were allowed to wear jeans, in exchange for $5.

Bank of Luxemburg employees saw an outpouring of giving, even during a difficult economic time. To date, Bank of Luxemburg collected hundreds of dollars in cash and school supplies including writing utensils, art products, calculators, and organizers. A check and all items collected will be presented to Kewaunee County to benefit residents in need.

Bank of Luxemburg would like to extend a “thank you” to all customers who participated. This first-time, back-to-school collection was such a success that Bank of Luxemburg plans to continue the event next year, setting even higher goals.


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